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I’m Joanne Bulley and I founded the company in 2014 after five years of study and in-house experience. These early years were a valuable time, introducing me to the skills I would need and allowing me to fine-tune them among experienced professionals. I was also able to develop my specialist subjects and my editing and copywriting abilities.

Since 2014, I have worked on a wide range of projects for clients across Europe, had my work published, edited on international conferences and gained Qualified Member status at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Through my ITI membership, I have also had the chance to attend industry conferences and completed courses in my subject areas to ensure continued professional development.

More than ten years in the industry have also shaped my vision of translation and language. I believe that language is ultimately a communications tool and employ plain English wherever possible. While certain texts do call for a poetic, stylistic approach, the message should never be lost. But plain doesn’t mean dull! With one of the richest vocabularies of all languages, I make use of English’s extensive lexicon to write succinctly and elegantly. The aim? To get the message through.

If you’re interested in working with Mercury Language Services, be sure to check the other sections of the website to find out more. If you have any questions, get in touch!

About me:

2004–2008 BA French and Hispanic Studies, University of Liverpool

2009–2010 MA Translation and Interpreting, University of Salford

2011–2014 In-house translation positions in Paris

2014 Founded Mercury Language Services

2015 Awarded Qualified Membership of the ITI