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Why choose a freelancer?

While working with an agency is a practical solution, there are unique and undeniable advantages to partnering with a freelancer.

  • The personal touch: working with a freelancer is an opportunity to collaborate over the long-term with someone who understands your brand and is truly invested in your future. A deeper understanding of your brand and its values will allow the freelancer to fine-tune the words and tone for a more compelling message that draws in the reader or audience.
  • Practicality: the freelancer is your project manager and translator so no comments or instructions will be mislaid as there’s no “chain”. There is also less back-and-forth as reference materials need only be sent once.
  • Consistency: the same person works on all of your documents, ensuring constancy in tone and voice. Any feedback is automatically taken into account on any future projects.
  • Accountability: you know exactly who is translating your materials.
  • Confidentiality: your document will be seen by just one person versus a whole chain of command. I can also sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Be sure to contact me with any questions you may have about working with a freelancer!