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At Mercury Language Services, quality and authenticity are key. We are conscious of the ever-evolving nature of language and our texts reflect current norms in each subject area. We are up to speed with relevant vocabulary, terminology and phraseology and adapt the register to suit the purpose of the text.


Our translations and proofread documents are credible pieces of English in their own right with a fluid style comparable with the original text. We don’t seek to translate word for word, but rather, convey the intended meaning of the source. The ultimate goal is to produce the same emotional effect as the original.

The technical side of a text is also essential and we verify all terminology for suitability using reputable resources, including:

  • company websites,
  • international government websites,
  • reputable newspapers/magazines/journals,
  • company glossaries and translation memories.

We also consult with our clients throughout the translation process and may ask specific questions if we are unable to resolve an issue through research.

Translations are also proofread meticulously as part of a two-part review process.

  • The translation or proofread document will initially be compared to the source text in a bilingual review. Any missing words, discrepancies with the source or layout issues will be ironed out at this stage. A spellcheck will also be performed and all figures will be verified.
  • The English document will then be checked in a monolingual review. This ensures that the text is articulate and coherent.

In copywriting, we ask that a detailed brief be provided at the outset. The more information we are given, the better we respond to your needs. A specification may include information on:

  • Target audience and intended impact
  • Style and register
  • Method of communication
  • References
  • Terminology
  • Previous copywriting for the same purpose

We will initially consult the specification and draft some preliminary ideas for your approval. We will then proceed to a first draft and a final draft. We will remain in contact with you throughout the process to ensure we keep on schedule and in line with your expectations.

We believe that communication is key to client satisfaction and a quality end result. We welcome feedback and appreciate your comments so please feel free to contact us at any time.