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Mercury Language Services is the comprehensive
solution to all of your language needs.

We offer the
following services:


We translate from French and Spanish into English using Studio 2014 translation software.

The software is a valuable tool ensuring harmonious terminology throughout while speeding up the translation process. Studio recognises repeat sentences so we do not charge for 99% or 100% matches, helping you to save money. We also store previous translations in our memories, allowing cost savings and harmonisation over the long-term.

Once we have received your document, we will provide you with a quote based on number of matches and complexity of content. We will also ask you to specify the target audience and the style you are seeking in order to offer a tailored response. If we feel your document is beyond our capabilities, we will be sure to refer you to another qualified translator.

We aim to translate between 2,000–2,500 words per eight-hour day.


We offer monolingual and bilingual proofreading of documents.

In a monolingual review, we will check an English text that is often—though not necessarily—drafted by a non-native speaker, and identify any spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. We will also check for missing words or misuse of vocabulary or terminology. We can also refine the style of a document upon request to make it more suitable for a specific target audience.

In a bilingual review, we will compare the source and target text and check for the elements identified above as well as a faithful rendering that conveys the sense of the original document in French or Spanish. We can also refine style upon request.

We aim to proofread around 10,000 words per eight-hour day.


Are you looking to produce a press release, website, sales pitch, CV or blog post? Do you have a specific target audience and a comprehensive brief? If so, you can leave the copywriting up to us. We cater to a range of styles, using dictionaries, glossaries, magazines and relevant websites to ensure cutting-edge language and clear-cut focus. We work in close contact with you during the copywriting process to ensure the end result corresponds to your wishes.

Samples of our work are available upon request.